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A Brief History of Bodysurfing and Why You Should Try It Too.

As I wrestled my way into my winter wetsuit, I gave a nod to one of the locals I have come to know quite well during my outings to one of Tiree’s many stunning beaches, and headed out towards the white a-frame peaks. This Winter…

Cold Water Surfing: Everything You Need for a Tiree Winter Surf Trip

I’ve been thinking this week about getting away for the weekend, heading up the coast and finding somewhere I can get in for a few hours without the surf turning to mush or being blind-sided by 70mph gusts,

What’s the difference between fast and slow fashion? Choosing sustainability over ease

Since 1980, the clothing industry has grown dramatically. We now buy five times more in a year than we did 40 years ago, which comes out at an average of 68 items per person per annum…

5 Easy Ways to Make Mindfulness Part of Everyday Life

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a day to day process of being aware of our thoughts, feelings and the surroundings around us. It involves accepting our thoughts and feelings, without judgement, and tuning in to the present rather than allowing the past to direct our choices in life.

Why using wool from our sheep is not cruel. A story of love and sanctuary.

The main reason cited for not using wool is that it is unethical.  I cannot vouch for every keeper of sheep in the world, but we took in orphaned lambs who were left without their mothers. We rescued them from slaughter. We care for them as well as most humans care for their beloved pets.

10 Amazing Places to Staycation in Scotland

It’s July, and we have all been in lockdown now for over 3 months. With a tentative touch, Scotland is beginning to open its doors to tourism and leisure once more – Whilst taking precautionary measures, we can now all begin to plan our getaways amongst the beautiful lochs, glens…

What is Slow Travel and why you should try it this year

I’d like to take you back to winter 2019, prime surfing season, and the Hebridean islands off the coast of Scotland were looking very inviting. Known for their big waves, crystal shores and Baltic ocean temperatures, the idea of pulling on a thick neoprene suit and running out into a white-horse-peaked horizon…

How To Make The Most Of Your Holiday: 10 things to do on your Staycation

Staycationing opens the doors to a myriad of cherishable opportunities all available on the British Isles. From windsurfing to hiking, lazy days at the beach to pony trekking, there are a vast array of ways to make the most of your holiday.

News Articles

Does Non-Violent Direct Action Make A Difference?

At a time when the political landscape is changing drastically, people are taking to the streets in droves to try to impact the future of the country. Non-violent direct action tactics have been used for…

£18M College Opens In Teesside

£18m High Tunstall opens its doors to next generation of students.  High Tunstall College of Science opened its doors on November 7 after an extensive three-year design and build process.  

Double Eleven Partners With Mojang To Create Minecraft Dungeons

“There’s more to come!” That was the words from Digital Teesside’s game heroes Double Eleven, after partnering up with Minecraft legend, Mojang.  It’s a massive coup…

Publicity Seekers takes the plunge for charity

On January 19, Publicity Seekers’ Jonny and Kelly will be bungee jumping off the Transporter Bridge. Fingers crossed they don’t take a dip in the Tees! In 2012, Jonny’s then 10–year–old sister, Emily, suffered a stroke.  As a result of this…

Copy Writing

Made To Order

…means that we are only creating our hats when we receive your order. Contrary to fast fashion, and ever-changing styles resulting in unsold items going to landfill, made to order puts quality over quantity…

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About Tiree

Nicknamed ‘The Hawaii of the North’ for a reason, sunny warm days and the surf here are enough to beat any tropical beach. When the grey days get too much on the mainland, Tiree is always there, as a welcoming friend, sunshine and blue skies reminiscent of the Caribbean waiting for you.

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Winter On The Island

Tiree through the winter has two main draws – that of the love of surf, or that of the love of tranquillity. If you need a break from the busy mainland life, coming to Tiree is the perfect opportunity for some well-earned peace and a slower pace of life.

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Autumn Sunshine

As the nights start to draw in across Tiree, and the days grow gradually shorter, a wild and free surf builds in the Atlantic Ocean. We are heading into big wave surf season, and whilst the skies are still blue and the sun still shines, the white capped peaks of clean waves seem to become towering blocks of powerful water.

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Our Story

Comfort, for discomfort seekers. A 100% wool treat for any adventure. Made in Yorkshire, inspired by Yorkshire. Climbers, hikers, swimmers and riders; we are passionate about being outside. Based in the heart of North Yorkshire, we get to see every day what this beautiful county has to offer

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